Dan & Cat

Dan & Cat are good friends of ours who live nearby in a delightfully retro 70’s style home that they helped to restore with their two fur babies, Riley and Dexter.


The couple’s initial request was simply for a portrait to use in their holiday cards this year.5f853785de5fd9207db3331124897817-xlarge[1]  But I discovered during our session that they’d never had portraits taken together — even at their wedding. Of course, as a photographer, that broke my heart! Every couple deserves those moments captured!c34ba8a28eb32d0c90b60a44dbc6930b-xlarge[1]

Dan is a gun enthusiast with one of the orneriest grins I’ve ever seen. He’s a gamer and a comic book collector.f594ece378625f266a9513d6ddf6a23b-xlarge[1]

Cat is a really wonderful artist with gorgeous brown eyes and a great smile. Her artistic touches are found throughout the design of their house. 211813f7001a5ef62a21d934f8b7848b-xlarge[1] f89fc000bb4a8d47768486a3a544514f-xlarge[1]

Mostly, we spent the time fussing over those fur babies. Dexter is a total ham and wanted to get in every picture.68d9d6400459f0ce98042d84d88ce9a1-xlarge[1]

Thanks so much for inviting me to take your portraits!



Congratulations, Keith & Tasha!





October 19, my dear friend Tasha married my dear friend Keith. They invited our family to participate in the ceremony — myself as a bridesmaid, my husband as a groomsman and our daughter as one of the flower girls!



While I was performing bridesmaid duties, I was able to snap a few shots of the beautiful bride getting ready.
DSC_0129-Edit[1] DSC_0132-Edit[1] DSC_0142-Edit[1]

DSC_0159-Edit[1] DSC_0165-Edit[1] DSC_0173-Edit[1] DSC_0183-Edit[1] DSC_0187-Edit[1] DSC_0211-Edit[1] DSC_0220-Edit[1] DSC_0223-Edit[1]

Once everyone is ready, what’s left to do? DANCE PARTY!!!DSC_0243[1]

Who is getting married today? THIS GIRL!
DSC_0245-Edit[1] DSC_0252-Edit[1] DSC_0260-Edit[1] DSC_0266-Edit[1] DSC_0267-Edit[1] The happy couple via Instagram!e55f8dd6390b11e3b4f522000ae908a3_8[1]


Congratulations, you two!

The Joy Formidable @ Legends of Notre Dame

See my review and more photos from their fantastic set at Muruch!

DSC_0245-Edit[1] DSC_0293-Edit[1] DSC_0411-Edit[1] DSC_0419-Edit[1] DSC_0455-Edit[1]


Don’t blow your diet…

Don't blow your diet...

Just blow things up.

Photographer Alan Sailer (who also did a gorgeous series of slow motion exploding Christmas ornaments) is now blowing up produce.

Check it out!

I have to admit, i’m addicted… I’ll be scouring his Flickr for more explosions!

Pinhole camera = fun year round!

Photographer Michael Chrisman used a pinhole camera fitted with photosensitive paper to make a 365-day exposure of the Toronto skyline from Jan. 1, 2011, to Dec. 31, 2011.

“A year ago, Michael Chrisman placed a pinhole camera in Toronto’s Port Lands and aimed it — as best one can aim such a camera — at the city skyline.

For 365 straight days and nights, light has crept through the pinhole, slowly building an exposure on a piece of photosensitive paper.”
[more at thestar.com]

Have you ever played with a pinhole camera? I love the idea of capturing a long ‘moment’ like this.

The sum of its parts…

Via Photojojo:

Exploded Flowers by Qi Wei

Project idea: Deconstruct something ordinary to make it extraordinary.

Who is “Uncle Bob” and why do photographers cringe at him?

Wedding Photography and “Uncle Bob” is a great post on the subject. Brides: Beware of Uncle Bob!

This guy.

Hint: this guy wasn’t being paid to get this shot. Not only was the shot that he got not great, but he’s ruined what would have been a beautiful image by the professional hired to shoot the wedding.

You can always tell who Uncle Bob is by the professional flash he has on top of the camera, pointed RIGHT at his subject. (This is a no-no!)

More proof that a great camera is not what makes a great photographer.