Jon & Nicole start a new family!

My dear friends Jon & Nicole were married a couple of years ago in a FABULOUSLY geeky ceremony which referenced World of Warcraft, Zelda and Bogglins, just to name a few!

Now they find themselves starting a family, and at about seven months pregnant, Nicole is as ravishing as ever!

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We started photographing in scenic and historic downtown Goshen, just a few steps away from Jon’s office. There really was no shortage of lovely spots and we made the most of a breezy evening casually shooting at The Electric Brew, Betterworld books and Shanklin Park.

I have to say, watching Jon gaze at Nicole and her bump with genuine adoration made me pretty excited to see him dote on baby Adelaide when she joins them in geekdom in a couple of months. They’re going to be charming parents and Adelaide is bound to have a darling wardrobe of geek tees and clever onesies.

The father-to-be often references on his twitter the crazy fruit comparisons that the weekly baby emails make to the size of their growing babe. (For those interested, this week she’s the size of a cantaloupe.)

I cannot wait to visit (and photograph) little Adelaide when she comes along!


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