music to my lens

I am itching to get myself to another concert! It’s been such a fun year so far, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to shoot and review music for my friend Vic who heads up the awesome music blog Muruch.

So, while I sit with my mulled, spiked cider this wintry afternoon (I still can’t believe we saw snow yesterday), I’ll reminisce with a few shots from earlier in the year. Enjoy these memories from April Smith and the Great Picture Show, Cobra Starship, Company of Thieves, Empires, Futureheads, OK Go, The Academy Is, and The Like.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s been a great relief, being able to take my camera to shows. It’s really hard to go to a concert without a dslr these days, I can’t stop thinking – Man, what a great shot that would be!

What music have you seen this year?  Who are you looking forward to seeing by year’s end? I’m planning to catch My Chemical Romance in December, though I don’t know yet if I’ll be shooting it.


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