A gorgeous mother / daughter(s) shoot

If you’re going to hang out on the railroad tracks, at least take your mother with you (and a photographer).

This past Saturday morning, I was welcomed into a beautiful historic home in Buchanan, MI by the even more beautiful Henry family. Ginger shared that her home used to be owned by the town’s physician now many years ago. I wish I could spend all day photographing the touches of character it held.

The purpose for our shoot: Ginger’s youngest daughter Taylor’s recently turned 19 and asked to have portraits taken with her mom and her sister, Julia. I was delighted by this request – often mother/daughter shoots are all about babies and young children, but too often we’re left with just snapshots from later years.

We got the rest of the family, Ginger’s husband Mike as well as their delightful little puppies in for a few as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These ladies were a blast to shoot! Such chatty and vibrant gals- and I loved the mother/daughter/sibling moments. Lots of giggles and playful teasing between shutter snaps!

Taylor watches America’s Next Top Model, she knew just what to do when I said “Ladies, be FIERCE!” With very little direction, my camera loved these gals.


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