Felicitaciones, Norias!

When there’s a baby on the way, things rarely happen on schedule or as planned. You know how it goes – there’s lots to prepare… things get pushed aside!

So this past Sunday morning, I got a call to do a family portrait shoot on short notice as the mother in the family, Christine, was scheduled to give birth THE FOLLOWING DAY. Family pictures had been pushed back for months and could no longer!

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I pay good money for eyelashes like Diego’s! What a lucky and charming little man. He and sister Kira really are adorable and work well as a team.

My daughter joined me for this shoot and had the pleasure of playing with Diego and Kira, the younger family members, while Christine and Pancho and I chatted during set up. Christine smiled easily and was very relaxed – she was in such bright spirits for the last expected day of her pregnancy!

Bilingual households are just beautiful. I especially love to hear children speaking multiple languages! We were joined by Pancho’s family (in from Venezuela to assist with the new arrival) and I enjoyed picking up what I could from the old college Spanish days. The only tiny language barrier (literally) was when my daughter tried to ask Pancho’s very kind and patient mother for some milk.

Diego and Kira were very busy playing with my daughter but truly were a delight when everyone took a break to shoot. In the mean time, Pancho was nesting – dusting the window ledges and cleaning in the background of the shoot and buzzing around like a busy bee, trying to fit preparation into their last day at home.

Welcome to baby Bianca who came along early Tuesday morning, and felicitaciones to the Noria family!


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