It’s LIVE!

The shiny, new website for JL Hopper Photography is up and running!

Thanks to the amazing team at All Brand Nu and to the very talented graphic artist, Lauren Morris.

All Brand Nu quickly created a customized content management system for me (NuTools) that is SO easy to use. I can so easily keep my galleries updated with the latest and greatest content, update my links and manage my keywords for SEO. They’ve been easy to work with every step of the way, and I look forward to working together as my business grows.

Isn’t the design gorgeous? Lauren’s really got a keen eye for clean, concise design. I wanted a design that would let the images speak for themselves and also speak to the many audiences I shoot for (musicians, brides, families, art enthusiasts). Lauren has done exactly that, while letting the page let my personality shine through.

I’m thrilled with the new site and can’t thank these folks enough for what they’ve done to make my it absolutely everything that I wanted it to be!

Please share your thoughts on the new design!


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