Beauty in decay

Recently, through the inspiration of communities like Abandoned Places on LiveJournal, a couple of friends and I have begun exploring junkyards, abandoned residences and commercial buildings. I’ll sharing stories about each of these trips.

My father has always been a car junkie so I was raised to appreciate a variety of vehicles, both old and new. With older vehicles, there’s so much charm still in the the material, the styling and the lines. Also, they age with more character: Rust is charming; Fiberglass is simply dull. We took a trip out to a junkyard in May and found some beauty still worth sharing.

The mystery behind all things abandoned is what keeps me going back. Wandering through the junk yard, one can’t help but wonder what brought those vehicles there. Did they expire on their own, simply worn out? In cases of an obvious accident, there’s admittedly a morbid curiosity about the severity and the nature of the wreck. Junkyards hold so many stories!

A man came up to me as I was shooting these cars and asked me with an amused grin what I was taking photos of. I told him I was shooting the cars and he laughed at me! What a ludacris notion!


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