Through the viewfinder

I’m looking for antique cameras. Why?

Because I want to try fun things like this!


2 responses to “Through the viewfinder

  1. How old are you looking for and what’s your $$ range? I do run across these sometimes at auctions/estates…

    • Ooh! Thanks for the offer, Cyndi!

      Honestly, the age isn’t as important as what you see through the viewfinder– you can see what I’m trying to do, so what I’d be looking for is the quality of the glass– will it produce a clear photo? A little bit of dirt/distortion is good for character, but scratches or actual damage aren’t good. Here’s another great post on the subject of photographer’s favorite cameras for this work, it shows more examples of what images can look like, and also gives some specific camera models.

      Then again, you could always call me if you see one and I’ll let you know! I’m not sure what they go for, but I’d like to spend around $30, definitely less than $50. I wouldn’t mind grabbing up a couple different models if they’re inexpensive. I look at ebay now and then but that doesn’t give the option to be able to look through the glass and see what you’ll get, you know?

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