Dan & Cat

Dan & Cat are good friends of ours who live nearby in a delightfully retro 70’s style home that they helped to restore with their two fur babies, Riley and Dexter.


The couple’s initial request was simply for a portrait to use in their holiday cards this year.5f853785de5fd9207db3331124897817-xlarge[1]  But I discovered during our session that they’d never had portraits taken together — even at their wedding. Of course, as a photographer, that broke my heart! Every couple deserves those moments captured!c34ba8a28eb32d0c90b60a44dbc6930b-xlarge[1]

Dan is a gun enthusiast with one of the orneriest grins I’ve ever seen. He’s a gamer and a comic book collector.f594ece378625f266a9513d6ddf6a23b-xlarge[1]

Cat is a really wonderful artist with gorgeous brown eyes and a great smile. Her artistic touches are found throughout the design of their house. 211813f7001a5ef62a21d934f8b7848b-xlarge[1] f89fc000bb4a8d47768486a3a544514f-xlarge[1]

Mostly, we spent the time fussing over those fur babies. Dexter is a total ham and wanted to get in every picture.68d9d6400459f0ce98042d84d88ce9a1-xlarge[1]

Thanks so much for inviting me to take your portraits!



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