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Pinhole camera = fun year round!

Photographer Michael Chrisman used a pinhole camera fitted with photosensitive paper to make a 365-day exposure of the Toronto skyline from Jan. 1, 2011, to Dec. 31, 2011.

“A year ago, Michael Chrisman placed a pinhole camera in Toronto’s Port Lands and aimed it — as best one can aim such a camera — at the city skyline.

For 365 straight days and nights, light has crept through the pinhole, slowly building an exposure on a piece of photosensitive paper.”
[more at thestar.com]

Have you ever played with a pinhole camera? I love the idea of capturing a long ‘moment’ like this.


Who is “Uncle Bob” and why do photographers cringe at him?

Wedding Photography and “Uncle Bob” is a great post on the subject. Brides: Beware of Uncle Bob!

This guy.

Hint: this guy wasn’t being paid to get this shot. Not only was the shot that he got not great, but he’s ruined what would have been a beautiful image by the professional hired to shoot the wedding.

You can always tell who Uncle Bob is by the professional flash he has on top of the camera, pointed RIGHT at his subject. (This is a no-no!)

More proof that a great camera is not what makes a great photographer.

William Beckett at Reggie’s, Chicago

This past Sunday evening, I had the pleasure of attending an acoustic set with William Beckett of The Academy Is… at Reggie’s in the south loop. I’ve seen a few other Academy shows over the years (such as the one I reviewed for Muruch last year) and several others to a frenetic hometown crowd, but Sunday’s crowd was the perfect combination of enthusiasm and respect (for the artist and for personal space).

I snapped a few shots and a few videos, but mostly, I just enjoyed the set. William says that despite actively writing and recording new music, it’s still possible this could be his last set of the year. He said at the start of the set how much he’d missed performing and he certainly was as charming as ever– all smiles and playing off the crowd, so something tells me he’ll find a way to find his way back on stage sooner than that. I hope that I’m right. The William Beckett Hour (including the atmosphere created with his decorative touches) has been greatly missed.

More photos from the performance can be found on INK Toronto.

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What a fun idea!

One of my new favorite blogs is an open-contribution tumblr called DearPhotograph, featuring then vs now photo-in-photo images such as:

“Dear Photograph,
Disney will always be magical, no matter what age.”

This is a great idea and definitely gets my head swimming with ideas. What memories would you like to revisit?


Marriage equality is very important and I can’t wait to hear what states will be next to give their support! Thank you New York, for voting with your heart. I’m an outspoken supporter of the lgbt community (and rights for human beings everywhere!). This weekend was the Pride Parade in Chicago– the streets were filled with so many beautiful rainbows and gorgeous, happy people! More pictures can be found on Flickr.

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Incidentally, I’d welcome the opportunity to be the photographer for any lgbt wedding or celebration!

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift (for him or her!)

Not long ago, I had the pleasure of shooting pinup/boudoir-style photos with the gorgeous Heidi as a gift for her husband, who is stationed in Iraq.

We had a blast and got some especially fun shots in her husband’s vintage car!

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